Office of the Treasurer: Walker R. Stapleton

The Great Colorado Payback
Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are sometimes abandoned for any number of reasons. The Colorado State Treasurer office of Unclaimed Property receives and holds the contents until the owner can be located or the property is converted to cash.


1. A box is considered "abandoned" 5 years after the date the rent expires.

2. DO NOT use your drill date when reporting to the state.


1. After the 5 year dormancy period, report the boxes as you would other abandoned property from your institution with your Unclaimed Property Report.

2. DO NOT SEND box contents or inventories until the Treasury requests them.


1. Packaging box contents

A) Separate the contents of each box into the following categories:

  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Papers of value
  • Valuables
  • Papers/Items of no apparent value
  • Weapons (guns, knives, etc.) and/or drugs
B) For each property category above, prepare an itemized inventory describing the contents.

C) Contents should be clearly labeled with:

  • Owner name
  • Box number
  • Your company name
  • Date rent expired
  • Any other identifying info (last known address, SS#, etc.)
If you need more than one envelope for each owner, please indicate 1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc.

D) Prepare 2 copies of the inventory for each owner. Place the original inside the envelope and attach the copy to the outside of the envelope. Each inventory sheet should include the following information:

  • Your company name
  • Owner name and box number
  • Description of each item of property

E) Place envelopes in a shipping container, alphabetically by owner name. Label the outside to indicate contents as follows:

    Box 1 of 3 Owners A-F
    Box 2 of 3 Owners G-R
    Box 3 of 3 Owners S-Z

2. Delivering safe deposit contents to the Treasury

A) The Treasury will notify you when to send box contents. DO NOT send safe deposit boxes until you are requested to do so.

B) Send by UPS, FedEx, Courier, or some other insured carrier in order to track packages.

C) Make sure items and boxes are well packaged. Be especially careful with fragile, heavy, or irregular shaped objects as items get tossed around during shipping and the envelopes they are sent in can get ripped or torn. If sending less than a full box, take care to secure the contents with newspaper, bubble wrap, peanuts, or other packing material.

Once safe deposit contents are requested and received by the Treasury the boxes are re-inventoried for verification, and the contents are cataloged in our system and held until claimed or sold at auction. If items are sold at auction, the proceeds from the sale are held for the owner to claim at another time.


1. Please note the following:

  • DO NOT report empty boxes.
  • Report each box only ONCE.
  • Keep a copy of your report and inventories for your records.

2. DO NOT remove any items from boxes including cash or coins, as they may have worth beyond face value. You may NOT deduct back rent or drilling fees from cash, and you may not take a monetary deduction from a safe deposit box.

3. Regarding UNKNOWN owners: it is important to look at the contents, as they may help you identify the actual owner. Please also note that the unknowns are still reportable if there is no ID made.