Office of the Treasurer: Walker R. Stapleton

The Great Colorado Payback
Remittance Instructions for Safe Deposit Boxes

1. Each financial institution branch MUST include a list of owners they are sending by fax to 303/866-6154, Attn: Erica Stone. When instructed, please include the contents, as well as the shipping date and how many boxes they are sending. The same list of owners should be included as a bill of lading in each box being sent.

2. All owners’ boxes (envelopes) should include an inventory list, preferably inside as well as outside, and should include as much owner information as possible - box number, last known address, etc.

3. A contact person for each branch, with phone number, should be included with the shipment in case of any discrepancies.

4. Make sure items and boxes are packed well. Be especially careful with fragile, heavy, or irregular shaped objects as the items get tossed around during shipping, and the envelopes they are packed in can get ripped or torn. If sending less than a full bankers box, take care to pack and secure the items carefully with bubble wrap, newspaper, peanuts, etc. We have had fragile items arrive shattered or broken because of poor packing.

5. Please contact the unclaimed property office in advance if any weapons, especially firearms, are to be sent.

6. We prefer contents be sent by way of some traceable, insured carrier like Fed Ex or UPS so there is a way to track and confirm that the contents have been received by the Treasury. Please DO NOT send by regular US mail! There is no way to confirm delivery and no recourse if packages are damaged or lost.