Office of the Treasurer: Walker R. Stapleton

The Great Colorado Payback
Instructions for preparing safe deposit box inventory

Two copies of an inventory list should be prepared for each safe deposit box being reported. Inventory sheets should be completed with the following categories:

  • Papers of value
  • Securities
  • Cash
  • Valuables
  • Papers/items of no apparent value

It is not necessary to make separate pages of inventory for each category. The following may be helpful in determining items to include and descriptions necessary. Please list all items one under another rather than in paragraph form as in the example shown below.

Papers of Value

Policy #
Life Ins

Other items included in this category are: quit claim deed, funeral agreement, cemetery deed, purchase agreements for land, power of attorney, partnership agreements, uncashed checks, pawn shop tickets, etc.

Papers of no value

Items not considered papers of value: birth certificates, marriage, death , adoption, or baptism certificates, divorce decrees, auto titles, insurance for auto, fire, homeowners, or health, military records, tax records, photographs, etc.


These include: stocks, bonds, savings bonds, mutual fund certificates, certificates of deposit, etc.

Include descriptions of these in your inventory with the registered owner’s name, issuing company, and number of shares or amount. When reporting stock do not bulk shares together – list them separately.


List in detail any currency or coins, making sure to separate American from foreign money. Dates and country of origin should be listed for loose coin or currency. Do not list currency by total dollar value ($5.25 in nickels), but instead by the number of coins (27 – 1946 dimes). Do not lump coins together, but separate by quarters, pennies, dimes, etc.


These include: jewelry, commemorative coins, knives, guns, stamp collections, etc.

Describe each jewelry item using color rather than by assumed metal or stone. For example, use gold colored, silver colored, clear stone, blue stone, etc. Note the make, if known, and the number of stones (ladies gold colored ring with one clear stone surrounded by eight blue stones, 2 missing) For other items, list as accurate a description as possible, taking care to note distinguishing characteristics or features.

Papers / Items of No Value

Papers or items of no value should be included but not itemized. Keys are not considered valuable and should be placed in this category.

Place one copy inside each box, and attach one to the outside. Make sure all items and inventory sheets are marked with the following:

  • Owner name
  • Box number
  • Your company name
  • Date rent expired
  • Any other info such as SS#, last known address, etc.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of the inventory for your records!