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The Great Colorado Payback
If Unclaimed Property is new for you...

1. If this is your first report to Colorado - The Colorado Unclaimed Property Act is modeled after the Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act and as such, includes a 5-year reachback provision for all companies, called "holders". This means that in the year your company is first required to report unclaimed property (1992 for most companies) you must report unclaimed property which was "presumed abandoned" during the previous 5-year period, as if the law had been in effect during that time. The initial report and report period for various types of holders is as follows:

1st Report Due Date
Reaport Period Covered
Types of Holders
November 1, 1987
7/1/82 to 6/30/87
Financial Institutions
November 1, 1990
7/1/85 to 6/30/90
Insurance Companies
(excluding life)
May 1, 1991
1/1/86 to 12/31/90
Life Insurance Companies
November 1, 1992
7/1/87 to 6/30/92
All Other Companies

2. Negative report - If a review of your records indicates that you have no reportable unclaimed property, you need not file an Unclaimed Property Report. Some companies choose to file a zero or “negative” report. It is fairly unusual for a company to have zero unclaimed property, since unclaimed property results from normal operations.

Note: Good faith compliance requires that you have a reasonable understanding of what unclaimed property is, and that you conduct an appropriate review of the records as a basis for determining that you have no unclaimed property to report. It is not enough to “guess” that you have no unclaimed property. The Unclaimed Property Act provides for interest and penalties for non-compliance.

If you are not sure what records to review, or how to identify the unclaimed property your company is likely to have, you can refer to the Unclaimed Property Reporting Manual, or call the Great Colorado Payback at 303-894-2448. We will also provide on-site assistance at your request.

3. Reporting Unclaimed Property to Other States - All 50 states have unclaimed property laws. You should report unclaimed property to the state of last known address of the owner. If your records do not show a state of last known address for some items, those properties should be reported to your company's state of incorporation (or to the state of domicile if the company is not incorporated).

Many states have reciprocal agreements to exchange property not reported to the owner ’s state of last known address. You should check first before reporting property to a state other than the state of last known address.

Unclaimed Property Act (Full Text)
Report of Unclaimed Property - Form A (PDF)
Report of Unclaimed Property - Form B (PDF)
Property Code/Property Description & Dormancy Period (PDF)
Holder Reimbursement Form (PDF)
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