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The Great Colorado Payback
Holder Information

Holder Reimbursement

On occasion, a business will submit information inadvertently, due to bookkeeping or computer error. Additionally, a paycheck, money order, or escheated account owner may request the funds owed from the holder. Should such an event occur, a refund or reimbursement can be requested from the original holder. CRS

The Holder Reimbursement Form (PDF) can be filled out on your computer prior to printing. Use the TAB key to navigate the fields.

Holder Reporting

Colorado businesses with unclaimed property from customers are required under the Unclaimed Property Act to turn over those assets to the Colorado State Treasurer. For additional information, please review the Detailed Holder Instructions, contact the Payback Office, or to download reporting information and forms please follow the links at the bottom of this page.

Unclaimed property reporting new to you? Visit our tutorial.

Dear Colorado Business Owner,

I want to thank you for your continued support for the Unclaimed Property Law and of the Great Colorado Payback Program. By taking the time to submit your reports in a timely and complete manner, you make a significant contribution to the program’s continued success in reuniting property owners with their lost or missing items.

As always, we welcome any suggestions you may have on how to simplify the reporting process or to reduce the costs associated with preparing and filing reports. This year, we wish to make a concerted effort to encourage the use of electronic reporting. Please review the section of the manual on Electronic Reporting/Paperless Reporting. Wire and electronic funds transfer are also available for remittances. We encourage you to take advantage of all these electronic options as they streamline the reporting process for the holder and reduce the time and cost of processing reports for the Treasury.

Every year, the Great Colorado Payback returns more and more property to its rightful owners or their heirs. To date, the program has returned more than $100 million to over 220,000 Coloradans. I strongly encourage you not only to report but also to check the list online to see if your name, the names of family members, co-workers, or friends are on the list.

If you have any questions or need assistance to complete this report, on electronics funds transfers, or suggestions for improving the process, please call us at 303-866-6070 or 800-825-2111 and ask for help with Holder reporting.

Thank you again for helping me to make the Great Colorado Payback work for all of us.


Walker R. Stapleton, Colorado State Treasurer

New Opinion Concerning "Gift Cards"

Question: Does Colorado's Unclaimed Property Act, Article 13 of title 38, C.R.S. (2004), apply to stored value cards and gift cards? If so, which section of the Act is applicable?

Answer: Pursuant to applicable principles of statutory interpretation, the broad provisions of Colorado Statute Section 38-13-103 and 104, C.R.S. (2004) of Colorado's Unclaimed Property Act encompass stored value cards (SVC), including gift cards. Therefore, the unused monetary value of cards held by a card issuer is subject to the provisions of the Act.

(Formal opinion of the Colorado Attorney General, No. 05-01, AG Alpha No. TR UP AGBBH, April 13, 2005)

Consumer Tips on Giftcards

Detailed Holder Instructions

Detailed Holder Instructions

Holder Reporting Software (

Holder Reporting Software (UPExchange)

Report of Unclaimed Property - Form A (PDF)
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Report of Unclaimed Property - Form B (PDF)
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Property Code/Property Description & Dormancy Period (PDF)

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