Registered Services Registration

How to Register
Becoming a registered user of is easy; just follow these simple steps:
  1. Complete the Registration Agreement Adobe PDF Document and mail to:
    Colorado Interactive
    Attention: Registered User Center
    600 W 17th St., Suite 2150 South
    Denver, CO 80202
  2. The annual registration fee is $75. Attach a $75 check / money order, or include a credit card number on the completed Registration Agreement.
  3. Review the Terms and Conditions Adobe PDF Document and retain for your records.
Service Specific Addendums
In addition to the Registration Agreement, certain online services require additional forms and approvals as detailed below.

Motor Vehicle Driving Records
To access interactive driving records, there is an additional Agreement Adobe PDF Document that must be completed.
There are three sections to the Agreement:
  1. The company must complete the User Agreement (pages 1-9).
  2. The company must complete Form A, the Intended Use Agreement (page 10).
  3. The company must complete the date for the appropriate schedule(s) for the service(s) they are signing up for.

Auto Industry Sales Licenses
Due to a rule change that the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board has instituted, the online dealer licensing portal is no longer available.
Please contact the Auto Industry Division at if you have questions regarding this new rule change.

Gambling Intercept Payment
To access the Gambling Intercept Payment Application or make any changes/additions to users the Gambling Intercept Form must be completed.

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