Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

The Colorado Story<p>This report offers an overview of the funds coming to Colorado. Find regularly updated program information and progress on every known Recovery Act program related to Colorado.  <p class='link'><a href='' _fcksavedurl=''>Read More...</a></p></p>Colorado Economic Recovery Map<p>This map reflects information reported by Recovery Act grant recipients and is updated each quarter.  <p class='link'><a href='' _fcksavedurl=''>Learn More...</a></p></p>Recovery Dollars at Work<p>The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is reaching millions of people across Colorado.  These are stories about Coloradans who have benefited.  <p class='link'><a href='' _fcksavedurl=''>Read More...</a></p></p>County Reports<p>The county reports show a break out of Recovery Act funds going to each county. The reports were compiled from a variety of sources, including data received directly from government agencies and information posted on the federal Recovery Act website.<p class='link'><a href='' _fcksavedurl=''>Read More...</a></p></p>Recent News<p>Stay up to date about all the Recovery Act news and events in Colorado.  The News section contains information about grant announcements, Colorado Economic Recovery Accountability Board meetings, and other news.  <p class='link'><a href='' _fcksavedurl=''>Read More...</a></p></p>

Recovery Dollars at Work

"The Recovery Act lets me pay my mortgage and keep food in the fridge...." more

- Darrin Brown, Construction Foreman

Darrin Brown, Evans-Redmond Heating and Air Conditioning


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Dollars Coming to Colorado

A breakout of the estimated $7.2 billion in Recovery Act funds coming to Colorado

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This includes all Recovery Act funds coming to Colorado,including individual tax and
safety net benefits, grants to local governments, non-governmental and
private agencies and businesses, loans to businesses, and federal projects.
More funds are expected to be announced in coming months.