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Transportation Legislation Review Committee

Report to Legislative Council


Final Report


Staff Contacts:

Kelli Kelty

Kristen Koehler

 Mistia Zuckerman

(303) 866-3521
To contact committee staff, please email:




2014 Committee Schedule
Meeting Information


 June 10 Agenda  Summary 9:30 a.m. HCR 0112
July 15  
  Site Visit
July 23 Agenda 9:30 a.m. HCR 0112

August 5

Agenda Summary 9:30 a.m. HCR 0112
September 9 Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. HCR 0112
September 10      
Site Visit


Reports, Issue Briefs, Presentations, and Memoranda



June 10 TLRC Committee Charge Memo
  Presentation on Transportation Access & Mobility
  Colorado Motor Carriers Association Presentation
  Swift Tram Presentation
  Presentation on Distracted Driving
July 23 Presentation by the Colorado Department of Transportation
  Presentation by the High Performance Transportation Enterprise
  Presentation by Denver International Airport
  Presentation by the Division of Aeronautics, Colorado Department of Transportation
  Presentation by Yampa Valley Regional Airport
  Presentation by Steamboat Springs Airport
  Presentation by Centennial Airport
  Public Utilities Commission - Passenger Transportation Regulation
July 25 Cell Phone Use and Distracted Driving Laws Memorandum 
August 5 Department of Revenue - Division of Motor Vehicles Update
  Department of Revenue - License Plate Update
  Presentation by the Regional Transportation District
  Department of Revenue - Special License Plates
  Department of Revenue - Registered Vehicles by Plate Type
September 9 Presentation by Action 22, Club 20, and Progressive 15
  Presentation on State Transportation Funding and Finance


Proposed Legislation
Bill Designation
Bill Topic
Former Bill Designation
Bill A Firefighter Motorcycle License Plate   Bill 2
Bill B Funding for Safe Transportation to Schools 

 Bill 3


Bills Not Recommended to Legislative Council
Bill Designation
Short Title



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