Elected Officials

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of Colorado government is made up of State Officers named in our Constitution. The following State Officers are elected to four year terms and may serve only two consecutive terms:

Governor John Hickenlooper

Governor John Hickenlooper's job is to make sure that the laws passed by the legislature are properly executed. The Governor names people to state boards and commissions responsible for overseeing many state institutions. The Governor also suggests changes to laws to the legislature.

Lieutenant Governor Joseph Garcia

Lieutenant Governor Joseph Garcia temporarily takes the Governor's place if the Governor is out of Colorado or is unable to work.

Secretary of State Scott Gessler

Secretary of Scott Gessler ensures the integrity of Colorado's elections. The Secretary oversees and administers many laws related to business, elections, charity, lobbyists, campaign finance, and the Uniform Commercial Code.

Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton

Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton receives all of the money for the state, invests that money, and pays the bills for the state.

Attorney General John W. Suthers

Attorney General John W. Suthers represents the state in legal matters (provides legal advice to State Officers and represents the state in court).