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Darrin Brown - Construction Foreman

Darrin Brown


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Residents of Eaton Terrace, an affordable housing community for seniors in Lakewood, will be warmer this winter and their heating bills will be more affordable. Darrin Brown, 40, was hired by Evans-Redmond Heating and Air Conditioning 15 years ago and has recently been working on weatherization projects around Colorado. Through Recovery Act grants, Brown and his team were contracted to replace and upgrade three out-of-date industrial boilers with new energy-efficient units.


Work in this past year was especially difficult to find. “Because of the economy, bids on construction projects more than doubled, increasing competition. There was no work this last winter,” he said. “We did a lot of short weeks around the holidays and we would’ve had to lay people off if it wasn’t for this project created by the Recovery Act.”


Weatherization projects created though the Recovery Act have helped Evans-Richmond pay the salaries for Brown and four other employees. These projects have increased work not only for the short-term, but they have helped the company build rapport with new and existing clients increasing the potential for additional jobs. “This job creates more work for us,” Brown said. “After finishing the contract, Eaton Terrace was really happy and said that they would use us for all their work. This is a partnership that could last 20 years and create a lot of jobs for us."


Brown, who lives with his 16-year-old son, said the Recovery Act grant has greatly benefitted him and his coworkers personally. “This job means I don’t have to send my guys home,” he explained. “It lets me pay my mortgage and keep food in the fridge. “




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