Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

Direct Federal Funding



General Services Administration--Public Buildings Service
The General Services Administration is planning to award $331.8 million in competitive contracts to carry out high-performance green building updates to federal buildings in Colorado. Contact: Public Buildings Service, Rocky Mountain Region, 1- 888-999-4777. For more information, including a list of projects:


Department of Energy
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO will receive $120 million for research, maintenance and upgrades grants to NREL for construction of new buildings. NREL is also eligible for an additional $83 million in grants from the Department of Energy.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration:
In March 2010, NASA awarded Centennial-based United Launch Alliance a $6.7 million grant to develop commercial spaceflight. The grant is part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Development Program.

Fish and Wildlife Service:
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service allocated funds totaling $9.2 million to 9 wildlife refuges across the state. The FWS projects include new construction projects, maintenance projects and habitat restoration projects. For more information:


Bureau of Land Management:
The BLM has identified 116 projects within the state totaling $20.2 million. They include:

  • $1.1 million for 25 Trail Maintenance and Construction Projects;
  • $1.1 million for 16 Abandoned Mine Projects
  • $3 million for 27 Habitat Restoration Projects
  • $4.4 million for 19 Deferred Maintenance Projects
  • $6 million for 17 Construction Projects
  • $3.8 million for 12 Renewable Energy -- Facilitating Authorizations and Permits Projects
  • $695,000 for Roads and Bridges Maintenance
For more information:


National Parks Service:
The U.S. National Parks Services has allocated $20.9 million to Colorado.  There are currently 10 projects throughout the state encompassing site preservations, building repairs, trail, road and boating improvements and a photovoltaic system.


Bureau of Reclamation:
The Bureau of Reclamation has allocated $1.6 million to Colorado for environmental/ecosystem restoration. For more information:


Bureau of Indian Affairs:
The Bureau of Indian Affairs has allocated $2.2 million to Colorado tribes. $1.9 million will fund two road and two bridge maintenance projects, while $303,000 will fund workforce training.
For more information:


U.S. Geological Survey:
The U.S. Geological Survey has allocated $573,000 to Colorado. $63,000 will fund 6 deferred maintenance projects and $510,000 will fund upgrades for streamgages.
For more information:


US Army Corps of Engineers:
The US Army Corps of Engineers is distributing $4 billion nationwide in discretionary funds for ongoing projects for engineering and construction services for navigation, flood and storm protection, ecosystem restoration, environmental protection and other needs. Four reservoirs around Colorado have been selected for Recovery Act funding totaling $5.3 million.


Department of Defense:
$7.4 billion of Recovery funds have been allocated for Defense-related appropriations, with $555 million for DOD's Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP). HAP refunds active and former military members who have sold their primary home for a loss. The Department of Defense has allocated $131 million to Colorado, mostly for Fort Carson and Buckley and Peterson Air Force bases. There are 196 restoration and modernization projects plus 3 construction projects. The construction projects include work at the Fort Carson Child Development Center, and $11.2 million contract for Peterson Air Force Base Child Development Center. For more information: