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2009 School Finance Interim

 Report to Legislative Council


 Final Report 



Committee Members
Representative Senator

Karen Middleton,


Chris Romer,


Michael Merrifield

Bob Bacon

Christine Scanlan

Mike Johnston

Tom Massey

Keith King

Amy Stephens

Nancy Spence


Staff Contacts:
Jennifer Thomsen
Katey McGettrick
(303) 866-3521




2009 Committee Schedule
Meeting Information



 Meeting Materials

June 29




SCR 356

School Funding Issues A National Perspective  


Interim Committee on School Finance Terms and Definition  

Overview of the School Finance Formula

Financing of Public Schools for the 2009-10 Budget Year

SB 09-256 as Adopted by the General Assembly


July 27

Agenda Summary 


SCR 356

Categorical Funding by School District

CEPA Paper and Powerpoint on Student Based Funding

Adams 50 Handouts-Innovative Funding Models

Colorado School Finance Project Lunch

Justin Silverman Presentation on At-Risk


 August 27

Agenda Summary


SCR 356

CDE Background Information Memo

Blackboard PowerPoint Presentation 

Blackboard Handout "Is the Tipping Point for Education in Sight?" 

Rural Working Group Broadband Handouts

 September 15




SCR 356

Special Ed Fiscal Advisory Committee Report

 EagleNet Broadband Handouts 

 October 1




SCR 356


October 22*




SCR 356


 October 26     Agenda  Summary   9:00 SCR 356    NMSI Presentation 
*Rescheduled to October 26

Staff Reports and Committee Memoranda



December 2005

Recommendations for 2006
(Final Report)

September 15, 2009 

At-Risk Funding in School Finance



Proposed Legislation

Bill Designation

Short Title

Fiscal Notes

Former Bill Designation

Bill A

Extend Repeal Supplemental On-Line


Bill 2

Bill B

School Awards Program Fund


Bill 3

Bill C

Weighted Student Funding Formula Grants


Bill 4

Bill D

School Speech-Language Pathology Asst


Bill 5

Bill E

Pub Sch Transparency Fin Info On-line


Bill 6

Bill F

Modifications to School Finance Admin


Bill 10

Bill G

School Finance Act Modifications
Stable Funding

For Small Sch Districts


Bill 8

Bill 11

Bill H

Average Daily Membership For Pupil Count


Bill 12





Bills Not Recommended to Legislative Council

Bill Designation Short Title

Bill 1

School Improvement Zone (Withdrawn)

Bill 7

Mill Levy Freeze Sav to State Ed Fund

Bill 9

Intent To Increase At-Risk Funding (Withdrawn)

Bill 13

At-Risk Funding To Follow Student

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