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Archives Interim 2002 Transportation Legislation Review Committee



 Final Report 


Committee Members

Representatives Senators
Bill Swenson, Vice Chair Alice Nichol, Chair
Alice Borodkin Lewis Entz
Fran Coleman Jim Isgar
Mark Cloer Ron May
Mark Larson Stephanie Takis
Frana Mace Ron Teck
Ann Ragsdale Ron Tupa
Matt Smith  
Debbie Stafford  
Suzanne Williams  
John Witwer  
Staff Contact
Brad Denning,, 303-866-4777

Agendas and meeting summaries can be accessed using the hearing date links located below. An agenda will be available prior to each hearing. After the hearing has been held, the meeting summary, upon completion, will be available through the same hearing date link. Committee reports and memoranda prepared by staff will be available through the Staff Reports and Memos link above. The final report of the committee will be available, upon completion, through the Final Report link above.  
2002 Committee Schedule
Hearing Date Time Location
 June 11, 2002  9:00 a.m. HCR 0112
 July 2, 2002  9:00 a.m. SCR 356
 July 30, 2002  9:00 a.m. SCR 356
 August 20, 2002  9:00 a.m. SCR 356
 September 12, 2002  9:00 a.m. SCR 356

* Possible meeting dates in September to be determined.


Staff Reports and Committee Memoranda


Proposed Legislation
Bill Designation Short Title Fiscal Notes Bill Number
 Bill B  Concerning Emissions Testing For Diesel Vehicles    
 Bill C  Concerning The Speed Limit For Single Axle Vehicles That Are In The Business of Transporting Trash    
 Bill F  Concerning The Clarification of Existing Statutory Provisions To Specify That The Regional Transportation District May Annex Certain Areas Upon The Affirmative Vote Of A Majority Of The Registered Electors Voting Upon Such Question    
 Bill H  Concerning The Authority Of A Fleet Owner To Process The Registration Renewal For A Fleet Vehicle In The County In Which The Fleet Owner's Principal Office Is Located Instead Of In The County In Which The Fleet Vehicle Is Located At The Time Of Registration    
 Bill I  Concerning Commercial Vehicle Permits, And, In Connection Therewith, Eliminating Requirements That Certain Permits Be Carried In The Vehicles For Which They Are Issued So Long As A system Is In Place That Allows Enforcement Officials To Electronically Verify That Such Permits Have Been Issued, And Allowing The Department Of Transportation To Issue Annual Fleet Permits For Excess Size And Weight Vehicles    
 Bill J  Concerning A Requirement That Motorists Insurance Identification Database Program Reporting Requirements For Commercial Lines Of Insurance Be Designed To Allow Electronic Verification Of Insurance Coverage At The Time A Commercial Motor Vehicle That Is Part Of A Commercial Motor Vehicle Fleet Is Registered`    
 Bill K  Concerning A Requirement That Enforcement Officials Who Perform Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspections Be Certified By The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance To Perform Level I Inspections

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