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Issue Briefs

Ordered Chronologically

          State Enterprises (15-09)
          TABOR Refund Mechanisms (15-08)
          Marijuana TABOR Refund (15-07) 




The US-36 Express Lane Project (14-28)

Oversize and Overweight Commercial Vehicles (14-27)

Individual Income Tax (14-26)

High Performance Certification Program (14-25)

Transportation Planning and Funding in Colorado (14-24)

Data Privacy in Colorado (14-23)

Capital Construction and the Role of the Capital Development Committee (14-22)

Information Technology Funding and the Role of the Joint Technology Committee (14-21)

Disaster Mitigation and Relief Tax Breaks (14-20)

Statutory Transfers to Fund Transportation and Capital Construction (14-19)

Laws Regulating the Landlord-Tenant Relationship (14-18)

Colorado's K-12 Achievement Gaps (14-17) 

Marijuana Taxation (14-16)

Interim Committee Legislation (14-15)

Remedial Education (14-14)

Statewide Student Assessments (14-13) 

Colorado Gun Laws (14-12) 

The Sale and Use of Fireworks in Colorado (14-11)

The Colorado Water Plan (14-10)

Child Support Enforcement (14-09)

State and Local Government as a Proportion of the State Economy (14-08)

Transportation Network Companies (14-07) 

Telecommunications Modernization (14-06) 

The Specific Ownership Tax (14-05)

Academic Standards and the Common Core (14-04)

TABOR Refund Mechanisms (14-03B)

          Colorado's Constitutional Spending Limit  (14-03A)

Colorado 2014 Election Guide (14-02)

Innovative Motor Vehicle Income Tax Credit (14-01)



Retail Marijuana Laws (13-11) 

Legislative Decision-Making and Colorado's Pension Plans (13-10)

Inspections of Oil and Gas Development  (13-09)

          Academic Standards And The Common Core (13-08)

          Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs (13-07)

The Smart Government Act (13-06)

Electronic Device Recycling (13-05)

Colorado Juvenile Justice Systems (13-04)

Child Welfare Issue Brief (13-03)

Civil Unions (13-02)

State Highway Fund Revenue (13-01)



Senior Homestead and Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemptions (12-43)

Colorado K-12 Public Education Options (12-42)

State Water Supply Planning (12-41)

The Colorado Lottery (12-40)

Sales Tax Primer (12-39)

Probation Services in Colorado (12-38)

Colorado Public School Governance and Accountability (12-37)

Voter Registration and Identification (12-36)

Hydraulic Fracturing (12-35) 

Colorado Early Childhood Education (12-34)

Employment-Based Criminal History Background Checks (12-33)

Corporate Income Taxes (12-32)

Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) Act (12-31)

Essential Health Benefits for Health Insurance Plans (12-30)

Estate Taxes (12-29)          

Colorado's Enterprise Zone Program (12-28)

Federal Involvement in K-12 Education (12-27)

The SMART Government Act (12-26)

Recent Changes to the Initiative and Referendum Process (12-25)

Charter Schools Act (12-24)

Lower North Fork Wildfire Commission (12-23)

Educator Licensing (12-22)

Sunrise and Sunset Process (12-21)

Assistance in Colorado Law for the Active Military and Their Families (12-20)

Colorado Laws Related to Drunk Driving (12-19)

State and Federal Immigration Laws (12-18)

Foreclosures and the Role of the Public Trustee (12-17)

Benefits for Military Veterans in Colorado (12-16)

Overview of the Colorado Public Employees' Retirement Association (12-15)

Colorado's Adult Protective Services System (12-14)

Colorado Laws Regulating Alcoholic Beverages (12-13)

Capital Construction and the Role of the Capital Development Committee (12-12)

Health Insurance Overview (12-11)

Medicaid and the Children's Basic Health Plan (12-10)    

Bail, Bail Bonding Agents, and Pretrial Services Programs (12-09)

Conservation Easements (12-08)

How Colorado Compares in State and Local Taxes (12-07)

Innovative Motor Vehicle Tax Credit (12-06) 

Low-Speed Electric Vehicle Law (12-05) 

Preferences in State Procurement (12-04)

Child Care Contribution Income Tax Credit (12-03)

Education Reform in Colorado (12-01)



The 2012 Election Cycle: An Early Start to a Presidential Election Year (11-13)

Depreciation of Capital Assets (11-12)

Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) Act (11-11)

Capital Construction Funding for FY 2011-12 (11-10)

Colorado's Health Benefit Exchange (11-9)

Update: The Colorado and National No-Call Lists (11-7)

Homeowners Association (11-6)

An Update: Colorado's Renewable Energy Standard (11-5)

Federal Health Care Reform: Health Insurance Requirements (11-04)   

K-12 Online Education Programs in Colorado (11-03)          

Consumer Use Tax and Changes from House Bill 10-1193 (11-02)

State Health Insurance Exchanges (11-01)










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