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2009 Advisory Task Force Members


Advisory Task Force

for the

Continuing Examination of the Treatment of Persons With Mental Illness Who are Involved in the Justice System 


Department of Public Safety (1)

Judicial Department (4)

Department of Corrections (2)

Jeanne Smith, Director

Division of Criminal Justice

Susan Colling
Juvenile Programs Coordinator
Probation Services

Eric Philp
Probation Services

Magistrate Rebecca Koppes-Conway
19th Judical District

Judge Martin Gonzales
Alamosa Combined Court

Joan Shoemaker, Director
Clinical Services

Jeaneene Miller
Division of Parole


Department of Human Services (6)


Department of Law (1)


Department of Social Services (1)

Dr. Charles Smith
Division of Mental Health

Debra Cady
Division of Youth Corrections


Janet Wood
Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Michele Manchester
Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo

Jeanne Rohner
Mental Health Association of Colorado


Tom Raynes
Attorney General's Office

Susie Walton 
Elbert County Department of Social Services

Local Law Enforcement (2)

Colorado District Attorney's Council (1)

Colorado Criminal Defense Bar (2)

Paul Siska
Adams County Sheriff's Office


Bruce Langer
Boulder County District Attorney's Office

Gina Shimeall
Arapahoe-Douglas Mental Health Network

Kathleen McGuire
State Public Defender's Office


Practicing Mental Health Professionals (2)

Department of Education (1)

Community Mental Health Centers (1)

Julie Krow

The Haven

Diane Reichmuth
The Children's Hospital


Michael Ramirez

Harriet Hall
Jefferson Mental Health

Person with knowledge of public benefits 

and housing in the state (1)

Person who is a practicing forensic professional 

in the state (1)

Members of the Public (3)


Gregory Kellermeyer, M.D.
Denver Health Medical Center


Deirdre Parker



Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (1)

Sandeep Wadhwa, M.D., MBA
2009 Committee Schedule
Meeting Information


May 19
HCR 0112

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