CDHS: FY 2009-10 Budget Request

Supplementals and Amendments - January 23, 2009


SBA 1 CBMS FY 09-10 Refinance

SBA 2 Administrative Review FTEI

SBA 3 Federal IVE True Up

SBA 4 CHATS Replacement Project



FY 2008-09 Supplemental Budget Request Submission - January 2, 2009


S-1, BA-1 ADRS RC High Needs Clients

S-10 and BA-10 ARU Staffing


S-12 ITS-CBMS FY09 Refinance

S-13 OO - Garage Fund Spending Authority Increase

S-15 OSS Workforce Development Council Increase

S-16 Tech Correct Tobacco

S-17, BA-17 FY08-09 Technical Supplemental Narrative

Schedule 2 - Summary by Long Bill Group

Schedule 10 - Change Request Summary Table

Schedule 12 - Change Request Summary Table

Administrative Review Compliance FTE

CBMS Federal Reallocation

CBMS FY09 Refinance

State Garage Fund Spending Authority Increase

Workforce Development Council Increase

Tech Correct Tobacco Settlement Monies

Department Technical Supplemental Narrative

Supplemental Requests

#5 OTC Transfer

Regional Centers Staffing High Needs Clients

Supplemental Memo




JBC Hearing Response


CW, CC JBC Hearing

DYC JBC Hearing Questions

EDO OIT County Admin OSS Hearing Agenda

Mental Health Hearing Responses




FY 2009-10 Budget Request Submission - November 1, 2008





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