Capital Construction: FY 2009-10 Budget Request

Late Supplementals and Amendments


University of Colorado Boulder Ekeley Building Renovation Technical Supplemental for FY 2009-10 - June 15, 2010


Department of Corrections FY 2009-10 Technical Correction to the Annual Payment for Certificates of Participation for CSP II - June 15, 2010


Personnel and Administration - Digital Trucked Radios Revision - February 26, 2009

Colorado Historical Society - Regional Museums - March 2, 2009

Department of Public Health and Environment - Rocky Mountain Arsenal - February 20, 2009

Division of Wildlife - Change in Project - February 26, 2009



Capital Construction Freeze - Round Two (Jan. 29, 2009)


Exemption Form

Final Capital Freeze Deappropriations - Cover Letter and Report - February 27, 2009





Capital Submission - December 10, 2008


Cover Letter

Full List of FY 2009-10 Capital Construction Requests

Capital Construction Funds and HUTF Prioritization

FML Funds for Higher Education Prioritization

Cash Funds Prioritization

FY 2009-10 Capital Requests, All Years, All Funds

FY 2008-09 Facial Recognition Software: Department of Revenue

FY 2009-10 Biology Building: CSU

FY 2009-10 Eddy Hall: CSU

FY 2009-10 Pharmaceutical Research Center: CU at Denver:

Regent Approval

Research Center

FY 2009-10 Systems Biotechnology Building: CU Boulder



Emergency Supplementals - November 18, 2008


Cover Letter


FY 09-10 Supplementals



FY 08-09 Supplementals

Reverse AHEC Bridge Loan

DOW Supplemental

Mines Brown Hall Supplemental



Follow up Submission - November 5, 2008


Follow-up Letter to the Capital Development Committee



FY 2009-10 Budget Request Submission - November 1, 2008


Cover Letter to the Capital Development Committee - October 31, 2008


Level I Controlled Maintenance Recommendation


Prioritization - Capital Construction Funds


Prioritization - Higher Education/Federal Mineral Lease


Prioritization - Cash and Federal Funds


Prioritization - Highway Users Tax Fund


Summaries of all Capital Construction Funds Requests


Summaries of all Higher Education/Federal Mineral Lease Requests


Summaries of all Cash and Federal Funds Requests


Summaries of all Highway Users Tax Fund Requests


Request for Consideration - Anschutz Medical Center Certificates of Participation Payments


Request for Consideration - Department of Corrections Leased Space


Spreadsheet Summaries of all FY 2009-10 Capital Construction Requests



Unprioritized FY 2009-10 Capital Requests Submission - September 1, 2008


OSPB Letter to CDC with Unprioritized FY 2009-10 Capital Requests


List of Unprioritized FY 2009-10 Capital Requests


Summary Totals of Unprioritized FY 2009-10 Capital Requests





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