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Number Title and Description
 PLR-11-005 Collecting and Reporting Adjustment Payments
  Company collects and reports sales and use taxes as set forth in the Discussion section.
 PLR-12-002 Affiliate Nexus

Company has nexus in Colorado because it is a component member of a combined group of corporations and another component member has a business presence in Coloraod. In addition, Affiliated Company is an indirect representative of Company when it acts on behalf of Company to solicit and facilitate sales and sales-related activities because, among other reasons, it accepts returns on behalf of Company and participates in a loyalty points program with Affiliated Company. Therefore, Company must open a sales tax account and retailer's use tax account to report and collect local and special district sales taxes for sales shipped into local jurisdictions in which Affiliated Company's stores are located.

 GIL-12-008 Sales to Native American Tribal Members and Tribal Governments
  A sale of tangible personal property to a Native American tribal member is exempt from sales tax if the sale occurs on the tribal member's tribal land. However, sales to non-tribal members on tribal lands are not exempt, and sales to tribal members off the member's tribal lands are not exempt sales.

Non-resident Leases of Passenger Cars


The place where the vehicle is registered will determine which state and local taxes apply. If the person leasing the vehicle is, at the time the lease is executed, a non-resident of Colorado and immediately takes the vehicle to another state for use outside of Colorado, then Company/dealer is not liable to collect any taxes on the leased vehicle.


Purchase Price That Includes Sales Tax

  Company that either provides an invoice for the sale and separately states the tax or has a conspicuous sign that shows the price of each item and separately states the amount of tax for each item offered for sale is in compliance with state law.
 GIL-13-002 Sales Tax Refunds When an Exemption Certificate Is Provided After the Sale
  The sales tax refund procedure outlined in the ruling, including the ninety day limitation on refunds by vendor, appears to be consistent with Colorado statutes.
 GIL-13-006 Resale Exemption Certificates
  Colorado allows Company, as a wholesaler, to accept sales tax licenses and exemption certificates issued by another state.  If Company contracts to sell its product directly to the consumer and the consumer has an exemption certificate issued by another state, then Company is not required to collect sales tax from the consumer.  However, if Company sells its product to a retailer and the retailer does not have a sales tax license or exemption certificate issued by Colorado or another state, then Company must collect sales tax from the retailer, even if the ultimate consumer has an exemption certificate issued by Colorado or another state.
 PLR-13-007 Third Party Administrator of Insurance Claim Obligations
  Company’s purchases from suppliers are exempt wholesale purchases when Company resells the goods to the insurance companies. Therefore, Company must collect the applicable sales taxes from insurance companies.
 GIL-13-016 Fair Market Value Lease Rate
  The Department generally uses the lease price resulting from arms-length transactions as the best method for valuing an airplane lease price that is not the result of an arms-length transaction.  If arms-length pricing is not available, the Department will look at various cost components, including interest rates, to calculate the fair market value of airplane lease payments.