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FY 2009-10 Budget Request Change Requests

Submitted November 3, 2008


Decision Items


 Request for FY 2009-10 Medical Services Premiums


 Request for FY 2009-10 Medicaid Mental Health Community Programs


 Children's Basic Health Plan Medical Premium and Dental Benefits Costs

 Exhibits - Children's Basic Health Plan Medical Premium and Dental Benefit Costs


 Medicaid Modernization Act State Contribution Payment


 Improved Eligibility and Enrollment Processing


 Medicaid Value-Based Care Coordination Initiative


 (Intentionally Left Blank)


 (Intentionally Left Blank)


 (Intentionally Left Blank)


 Annual Medicaid Management Information System Cost Adjustment


 Additional Leased Space for Standardization


 Enhance Medicaid Management Information System Effectiveness


 (Intentionally Left Blank)


 Nursing Facility Audit Reprocurement


 Provider Web Portal Reprocurement


 School Based Medical Assistance Site Pilot Expansion


 School Health Services Program Auditor


Base Reduction Items


 Pharmacy Technical and Pricing Efficiencies                                                            


 Medicaid Program Efficiencies


Non-Prioritized Items


 Commission on Family Medicine - Expanding Access to Primary Care


 Department of Regulatory Agencies Sunset Reviews


 DHS - Community Resources for the Developmentally Disabled


 DHS - Child Welfare Services Block Increase


 DHS - Postage Increase and Mail Equipment Upgrade


 DHS - Regional Centers - High Needs Clients


 DHS - Inflationary Increase for DHS Residential Programs



 DHS - Direct Care Capital Outlay for Regional Centers, Mental Health Institutes, and Facilities Management; and Facilities Management Operating Increase



 DPA - Mail Equipment Upgrade


 DPA - Ombuds Program Increase less Annualization of CSEAP Program Increase


 DPA - Office of Administrative Courts Staffing Adjustments


 DPA - Postage Increase


 DHS - High Risk Pregnant Women Program


 DPHE - Fleet Common Policy for Facility Survey and Certification


 DHS - Ombuds Program Increase - Workers Compensation


 DHS - Annual Fleet Vehicle Replacments


 DHS - State Fleet Variable Cost


 DHS - Budget Office Staffing


Change Request Fact Sheets