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Long-Term Care Advisory Committee

Announcement of Discontinuation of Long Term Care Advisory Committee (LTCAC):


The LTCAC meetings have been discontinued.


During January and February, 2013, Department staff consulted with LTCAC members and other stakeholders about concerns over possible duplication between the LTCAC and the Community Living Advisory Group.  Based on these discussions and Department evaluation, Executive Director Sue Birch sent a letter to LTCAC members on February 8 announcing that the Department has decided to discontinue the afternoon meetings of the LTCAC main committee.


LTCAC subcommittees will continue their work on LTSS redesign and will report to the Community Living Advisory Group.


The February 14 afternoon meeting of the LTCAC main committee was cancelled.  The LTCAC held a final event on Thursday, March 14 at KRMA-TV, 1089 Bannock Street, Denver.  At this meeting, Executive Director Sue Birch, Medicaid Director Suzanne Brennan, and Community Partnerships Office Director Lorez Meinhold thank the LTCAC members for their foundational work on LTSS transformation (see Sue Birch's letter above).


The Department thanks the LTCAC members for the important work they have done and their accomplishments, especially since the current member group began their work in the fall of 2011.





The LTC Advisory Committee's Charter was to discuss, research and advise the Department on recommended policies and processes.



Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Strategic Planning Report:


The LTCAC and LTSS staff from the Departments of Health Care Policy and Financing, and Human Services, conducted strategic planning during the first half of 2012.  The result of this work is the Department's "LTSS Strategic Planning Report" which was released in August 2012.

The LTCAC identified four strategic initiatives through this strategic planning work and created four subcommittees to implement these initiatives.  Please see the LTCAC Meetings FY 12-13 page  for more information.



Guiding Principles:

  - Focus on individual
          Program meets individual needs
          Self directed
          Individual needs
- Living in most independent setting to meet needs
          Least restrictive
          Compliance with Olmstead/independence
- Coordinated Care
          Transition from service to service
          Integrated between all systems / programs
- Access to care / streamline between programs
- Sustainable



Members through March 2013: 

Barbara Wilkins-Crowder

Barry Rosenberg

Dave Norman

Dawn Russell

Donna Zwierzynski

Dustin Dodson

John Zabawa

Julie Farrar

Julie Geiser

Kathy Martin

Kevin Smith

Laura Walker

Marijo Rymer

Nick Scheidegger

Penny Cook

Renee Boyes Walbert

Shelley Hitt

Susan Langley

Vicki Rodgers

Vickie Clark

Vivian Stovall


Ex Officio Members through March 2013:


Barbara Ramsey, Department of Human Services
John Barry, Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
Jennifer McCants, Department of Public Health and Environment
Patrick Coyle, Division of Housing, Department of Local Affairs
Todd Coffey, Department of Human Services


The LTCAC provided input on policy directions. Areas of focus of the LTCAC were the delivery system capacity and models, accountability and responsiveness, and eligibility processes reform.


LTC Advisory Committee Member Contact Information


LTC Advisory Committee References and Resources


LTSS Strategic Planning Report August 2012


LTC Data Book - June 2012 Version 


LTC Home Health and Personal Care & Homemaker Data - December 2012



For more information about the LTCAC, please contact John Barry at 303-866-3173.