Colorado Department of Revenue
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the purpose of the confirmation number?
Q What do I do if a problem occurs?
Q If my tax payment is even dollars, do I still report the cents?
Q How do I pay penalty and interest on wage withholding via EFT?
Q Do I need to send the Department of Revenue a tax form when I have made an electronic payment? If so, when?
Q What are tax type codes?
Q What if I want to use a different bank account than previously used?
Q What do I do if I receive notification from my bank of a returned EFT payment?
Q If I have a problem, or further questions, who should I contact?
Q Can I make payments also using the Department's telephone system?
Q Can I pay more than one tax in one Web payment session?
Q Does the EFT system allow scheduling payments for a future date (warehousing)?
Q Can I make any changes to a payment?
Q If I don't remember my password, or have password problems, what do I do?
Q What is a Shared Secret Question? How do I change it?
Q If I owe no wage withholding for a filing period, should I submit a zero dollar ($0.00) EFT payment?
Q If I owe no sales tax for a filing period, should I submit a zero dollar ($0.00) EFT payment?
Q What browsers can be used for accessing the Web payment option?
Q Why am I getting an error message about cookies, or no response at all from the payment web site?
Q What should I do if the EFT system says my EFT number (account) is locked?