Colorado Department of Revenue
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Expired or Absent Documentation


If an applicant presents expired documents or is unable to present any documentation evidencing his or her immigration status, refer the applicant to the local INS office to obtain documentation of status. In unusual circumstances involving applicants who are hospitalized or medically disabled or who can otherwise show good cause for their inability to present documentation and for whom securing such documentation would constitute undue hardship, if the applicant can provide an alien registration number, you may file INS Form G-845 and Supplement, along with the alien registration and a copy of any expired INS document, with the local INS office to verify status.


Receipt for Replacement Document


If an applicant presents a receipt indicating that he or she has applied to the INS for a replacement document for one of the docs identified above, file INS Form G-845 and Supplement with a copy of the receipt with the local INS office to verify status. Upon return receipt of information from INS, confirm that it pertains to the applicant whose identity you have verified. You should ask to see the Replacement at a later date.


Applicants with Disabilities


If an applicant has a disability that limits the applicant's ability to provide the required evidence of immigration status (e.g., mental retardation, amnesia, or other cognitive, mental, or physical impairment), you should make every effort to assist the individual to obtain the required evidence.
In addition you should not discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability.