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Types of Complaints Investigated by Other Agencies

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Motor Vehicle Warranties: If any repair work was not part of a vehicle sales contract, it is outside the jurisdiction of the AID. The local District Attorney does have jurisdiction over illegal actions by an automotive repair facility. A complaint concerning repair work may be filed with the District Attorney's office.


Lemon Law: The Lemon Law applies only to new vehicles under one year old. It does not apply to used vehicles purchased by consumers who encounter repair problems. The procedures for filing a complaint under the Lemon Law are found in the vehicle owner's manual. Please see the AID publication on Colorado's Lemon Law  for additional information.


There are certain circumstances that are not violations of the motor vehicle dealer law:


  • The consumer does not have 72 hours to change his or her mind on a car deal. When the contract is signed, the vehicle is bought and sold as of the contract date.
  • The dealer does not have to repair the vehicle after the sale when the vehicle is sold without a warranty and "as is", unless it is a safety item.
  • The Auto Industry Division cannot require a dealer to honor a verbal agreement. The consumer is provided a "State Disclosure Form" indicating that any verbal agreements are not enforceable.
  • The Auto Industry Division cannot dictate good business practices or ethical behavior. Complaints concerning these issues cannot be investigated.


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