DOR Gaming
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Rules & Regulations

The Secretary of State's office publishes
Code of Colorado Regulations, the
official record of all administrative rules
adopted by State agencies.
For your convenience, the Division of Gaming
maintains the following mirror set of
Colorado Gaming Regulations.

For more information on the state's
Rule Review Process
and to obtain a
Rule Request form, DR 2477,
please visit:
Department of Revenue 
Rules and Regulation page


For more information regarding the Division of Gaming rulemaking process,
please see the rulemaking flow-chart found here.












Department of Revenue

Gambling Payment Intercept Regulations

 UPDATED October 22, 2013



Division of Gaming Rules and Regulations


     Updated 07/15/2014


Rule 1: General Rules and Regulations

Rule 2: Powers and Duties of Commission and Director

Rule 3: Applications, Investigations, and Licensure

Rule 4: Rights and Duties of Licensees

Rule 4.5: Publicly Traded Corporations and Public Offerings of Securities

Rule 5: Grounds and Procedures for Disciplinary Actions

Rule 6: Declaratory Orders

Rule 7: Conflicts of Interest

Rule 8: Rules of Blackjack

Rule 9: Minimum Procedures for Drop, Count, and Distribution for Blackjack

Rule 10: Rules for Poker

Rule 11: Minimum Procedures for Drop, Count, and Distribution for Poker

Rule 12: Gaming Devices and Equipment

Rule 13: Purchase and Redemption of Coins, Chips, and Tokens

Rule 14: Gaming Tax

Rule 15: Procurement 

Rule 16: Accounting Regulations 

Rule 17: Minimum Procedures for Drop and Count for Slot Machines 

Rule 18: Contracts and Formal Agreements between the Commission and Other State Agencies 

Rule 19: Gaming District Boundaries 

Rule 20: Commission Hearings and Practice 

Rule 21: Rules for Blackjack-Poker Combination Games 

Rule 22: Rules for Roulette  

Rule 23: Rules of Craps

Rule 24: Limited Gaming Fund


Combined Rules and Regulations can be found here.


Upcoming Rule Changes

 Click here for upcoming and approved rule changes and the Division of Gaming 2014 Rule Review Plan.