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Attendant Traininng

In-Home Support Services


  • IHSS Agencies assure and document that all IHSS Attendants have received at least basic training in the provision of IHSS. In lieu of basic training, the IHSS Agency's Health Professional administers a skills validation test.

  • Training must include interpersonal skills, needs of persons with disabilities, overview of tasks the Attendant may be performing, instruction in basic first aid, safety and emergency procedures; and training in infection control techniques, including universal procedures.

  • Training may be modified if any of the individuals demonstrate competence in a given area. A skills qualification test may be utilized to determine competence, as required by the IHSS Agency's Health Professional.

  • Training or skills validation should be completed prior to service delivery unless waived by the Eligible Consumer or the Authorized Representatives to prevent interruption in services. In no event can training be postponed more than 30 days after services begin.

  • IHSS Agencies must provide functional skills training to assist Eligible Consumers and Authorized Representatives in developing skills and resources to maximize independent living and management of personal health care. Training should be provided by independent living staff, whenever practicable and feasible.

  • The Eligible Consumer or the Authorized Representative should provide individualized training to the Attendant that is specific to the Eligible Consumers own needs and preferences.