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Case Management Responsibilities

In-Home Support Services


  • Case Manager determines eligibility for IHSS based on HCBS-EBD or Childrens HCBS status, Medicaid eligibility and certification of the physician.

  • Case Manager completes Long Term Care Plan or revises existing Long Term Care Plan to reflect the addition of In-Home Support Services or substitution of In-Home Support for existing attendant services.

  • Case Manager uses the LTC-105 Request for Prior Approval and Cost Containment form to prior authorize In-Home Support Services. Form is forwarded to Medicaid fiscal agent (ACS) for data entry.

  • Duplicative supportive services are terminated.

  • Clients are provided names and contact information regarding In-Home Support Services Agencies that are available to them.

  • Copies of the Long Term Care Plan, LTC105 and In-Home Support Services Authorization (for children) are faxed to the appropriate In-Home Support Services Agency or can be hand-carried by clients.

  • Case Manager assists clients who discontinue In-Home Support Services voluntarily or who are discharged for misbehavior to resume prior supportive services or to find other comparable care in the community.