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2008 Interim Committees

Interim committees are special legislative committees that meet to study issues during the summer and fall months when the legislature is not in session.  The legislature makes the decision on the topics to be studied by adopting joint resolutions or laws creating the committees.  Interim committees typically conclude their activities by recommending legislation for the legislature to consider during the next session and publishing a final report of their activity.  The committee links on this page provide access to committee members, schedules, agendas, meeting summaries, and staff contacts.  Recommended legislation and final reports will appear here as they become available. 




Activities by Committee
10-16-221 CRS Health Care Task Force
18-1.9-103 CRS Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice System
31-31-1001 CRS Police Officers' and Firefighters' Pension Reform Commission
2-3-1201 CRS Sunset Reviews Conducted by Standing Committees
43-2-145, CRS Transportation Legislation Review Committee
37-98-102 CRS Water Resources Review Committee
SJR 08-025 CRS Wildfire Issues, Interim Committee on


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