Colorado Department of Revenue
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Exception Processing


Birth Certificate and Social Security Card     

If you cannot provide the required documents on the Identification Requirements Chart at a driver's license office for an instruction permit, driver's license, or identification card (ID), you may be eligible for Exception Processing to provide additional/alternative documents to prove identity.


The list of identification documents below may, with those originally shown and with verification, resolve questions about

your name, age, identity, and lawful presence. Documents presented must be unaltered, original, and as appropriate, certified or notarized:


  • Dossier from a Colorado record with an image, fingerprint, and Social Security number
  • U.S. state, territory, county, New York City borough, or Washington DC certified birth certificate with registration numbers noted, which can be verified by Vital Records
  • Social Security card or letter from Social Security Administration (SSA) identifying you
  • Certified marriage license
  • Certified divorce decree
  • Children's acceptable birth certificates with your name, age, and place of birth as parent
  • Parent's or spouse's certified death certificate and obituary showing the newspaper and date of publication, and your name as surviving child or spouse
  • Life, health, or other insurance record with your name, age or date of birth, and place of birth
  • DD214 that does not include the disclaimer: "Not to be used for ID"
  • Military records or "Approval of Benefits" letters covered under the GI Bill
  • Veteran's Administration (VA) card with photograph and your full name
  • Any verifiable document, which may serve to provide evidence of your identity, age, or lawful presence, including expired documents, court documents, religious records, early school records, hospital records, municipal records, and insurance records
  • High school records including yearbook with photograph
  • Student loan documents associated with a college or state run educational facility
  • Tax returns with employee W2 or showing you as a dependant
  • Certified court document of guardianship issued to the caregiver of a minor child or person with disabilities
  • Department of Corrections or Federal Prison ID cards with photograph



If you live in a "remote" area, the driver's license office will ask you to bring your documents to that location where they will be reviewed and copied.  The copies will be sent to the Investigations Unit for investigation. Approvals are determined on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed based on possession of any one or the combination of any of the documents listed above.