Colorado Department of Revenue
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Distance/Mileage & Fuel Summaries

Stacks of Records    

For audit purposes distance/mileage fuel summaries must be supported by source documents. From the information recorded on the IVDR (Individual Vehicle Distance Records), you must prepare and maintain a monthly summary to recap the total distance traveled by each apportioned power unit in each jurisdiction during the calendar month by fleet, by jurisdiction, and by equipment number. Form DR 0734 Monthly Fleet Mileage and Fuel Summary is available on the Web at the tax library. 


The monthly summary supports the quarterly and yearly summaries. The IRP requires summarization on a monthly and quarterly basis. The IFTA (International Fuel Tax Association) requires a monthly fleet summary for all qualified motor vehicles.


Acceptable daily (IVDR) Individual Vehicle Distance Records and monthly fleet mileage and fuel summary documents reports are available on the Web at the tax library.