DOR Taxation web site

Mailing Addresses

The Department of Revenue encourages e-filing whenever possible. If the tax type cannot be e-filed or you cannot file online, mail the form to the following address with the "Plus-4" zip code. These codes are printed on the paper form.


Colorado Department of Revenue
Denver, CO 80261-


Use the following "Plus-4" numbers to get returns and payments routed to the correct tax office within the department:


  • 80261-0004: notice of deficiency, tax protests, delinquent tax payments
  • 80261-0005: individual income tax, property tax/rent/heat rebate applications, amended income tax, real estate conveyance forms
  • 80261-0006: partnership, corporation, fiduciary income tax; severance tax, income tax e-filer documentation
  • 80261-0008: estimated, extension, e-file income tax, severance tax payment coupons/vouchers
  • 80261-0009: withholding tax, annual withholding reconciliations and miscellaneous business and excise taxes (e.g., liquor, cigarette, tobacco, fuel, heavy truck sales, aviation, prepaid wireless E911 surcharge)
  • 80261-0013: sales tax, use tax, county lodging, county short term rental, local marketing district tax, rural transportation authority