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Agricultural Renewable Energy






Program Update: With the General Assembly’s recent reauthorization of the ACRE program for the next five years, the Colorado Department of Agriculture has reviewed the results of the last six years of implementation, begun exploring options for future implementation, and discussed the program’s future with internal and external partners. This three page document presents an outline of the likely future direction of the ACRE program for the next several years. While the Department remains open to investing in a broad array of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and processes, the ACRE program will narrow the focus of the bulk of its resources to just a few promising areas. After reviewing the document, I invite you to contribute any thoughts or suggestions you may have regarding the implementation of the program.

The Colorado Agricultural Value-Added Development Board administers the Advancing Colorado's Renewable Energy (ACRE) Program which provides funding to promote energy-related projects beneficial to Colorado's agriculture industry.Specific authority for the ACRE Program is outlined in CRS 35-75-205(1.5) and provides for funds appropriated to the ColoradoDepartment of Agriculture (CDA) to be allocated to the Board "to promote agricultural energy-related projects."  Such projects must, in some way, benefit Colorado's agriculture industry and may include:

  • biofuels development,
  • biomass conversion,
  • wind and
  • solar energy 


The Colorado Agricultural Value-Added Development Board derives its mission and authority from Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) 35-75-201 thru 35-75-205 which provide for the making of grants, loans and loan guarantees, and equity investments to eligible persons for purposes of encouraging and promoting business projects that add value to agricultural products, as well as agricultural energy-related projects. As appropriate, tax credits may also be offered by the Board for new or ongoing agricultural projects that add value to Colorado agricultural products and aid the economy of Colorado communities.


ACRE Program Evaluation: Success Metrics and Recommendations for the Future



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updated 9/18/10

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 Updated 11-1-11