Colorado Department of Agriculture
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File a Complaint on a Pet Facility

Colorado Department of Agriculture Pet Animal Care Facilities Program


Where do I file a complaint on a pet animal care facility?


If you have concerns about the health or care of pet animals in a licensed facility then you can file a complaint with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Pet Animal Care Facilities Program (PACFA) by phone at (303) 239-4167.




What information do I need to include?


Complainants must provide a detailed description of the issue, which minimally would include the species of animal(s) involved, the location of the animal(s), and the name of the facility.




What happens after I file a complaint?


A PACFA inspector will follow up with the complaint to determine if there is a violation of the PACFA law or rules. This could entail an on-site visit or a phone call.




How do I find out follow-up information about my complaint?


You need to provide your name and contact information when filing the complaint in order to be contacted about the investigation outcome. Inspectors cannot comment on the investigation until it is completed.




What if the facility is not licensed with PACFA?


You can still file a complaint the same way as with a licensed facility. Additionally the PACFA inspector will see if the facility meets licensing requirements and will make an on-site visit.