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File a Cruelty or Neglect Complaint

Colorado Department of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Protection


Where do I file an animal cruelty or neglect complaint?


To find the agency in your area that investigates reports of animal cruelty or neglect, click on your county on the map below. The agencies listed will be those directly involved in investigations in your area. In those counties that do not employ Bureau of Animal Protection agents, reports should be made to the Sheriff’s Office or local law enforcement. Reports that go directly to local investigating agencies receive attention.




What information do I need to include?


Complainants must provide their name, phone number, and a detailed description of the issue, which minimally would include the species of animal(s) involved, the location of the animal(s), and the animal owner information.




What happens after I file a complaint?


Local law enforcement and/or a BAP commissioned officer will take the lead in the investigation, with assistance from BAP officials if necessary. Only law enforcement and district attorneys can file criminal cruelty or neglect charges against an individual.




How do I find out follow-up information about my complaint?


Officers cannot comment on a case until the investigation is completed, especially if there is a possibility of pending litigation. A complainant may check in occasionally to see if the investigation has concluded and may request information about specifics at that time.



Counties shaded in blue employ Bureau of Animal Protection agents. Click in a county to see which local agency to contact to report animal cruelty or neglect.

updated 7/13/2011



To report issues of livestock neglect, contact the local Sheriff's Office or the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Protection (BAP) at (303) 239-4167.