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Programs and Grants

Colorado State Conservation Board

CSCB Mediation Service
Conflict is a healthy dynamic of human relationships when it occurs in a respectful way and results in increased understanding and progress. However, serious unresolved conflict can destroy personal relationships, stymie progress and manifest as hostility, resentment, sabotage or fear in people. The CSCB recognizes that damaging conflicts can dramatically hinder district operations and success while causing intense distress or frustration to the individuals involved. Occasionally conflict cannot be constructively resolved internally and outside assistance may be needed to break a deadlock or prevent an increasingly damaging deterioration of a situation. The CSCB offers a fully confidential mediation service to assist districts resolve difficult conflicts involving district board or staff members, district boards or their conservation partners. Click here to open the flier for more information.

Direct Assistance to Districts
These funds authorized by the State Legislature were awarded through a competitive grant process. Districts use the funds for board member mileage and expenses, secretarial and technical assistance, office expense, and district elections. Funding is based on Annual Plan of Work and tracking of progress.

Upper Colorado River Salinity Control Program
By improving the efficiency of irrigation systems in 5 Conservation Districts eligible (Bookcliff, Delta, Dolores, Mancos, Mesa, and Shavano), landowners can reduce the amount of salts entering the Colorado River. This benefits water users in the Lower Colorado River Basin States and Mexico. For more information on the Colorado River Salinity Control Program

District Conservation Technician Program (Farm Bill)
The funds enable districts to hire technicians to provide technical assistance to Colorado's landowners for conservation planning and practice implementation to protect natural resources. The Program is a partnership between the Conservation Districts (CDs), the Colorado State Conservation Board (CSCB) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Funding is provided 45% by NRCS, 27.5% by the CSCB and 27.5% by the conservation districts.  Fore more information on the District Conservation Technician Program



Natural Resources Conservation Matching Grants
Provides funds for conservation districts to address on-the-ground conservation problems identified at the local level.  Funds are appropriated annually through the Colorado State legislature and districts apply through the Colorado State Conservation Board (CSCB) to fund an important conservation project or program in their community. The district must provide a dollar-for-dollar match from local, private or federal cash or in-kind sources for program awards. More information on the Matching Grant Program


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