Organic Publications & Policy Statements

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Cost Share FY 2014 Documents - Deadline is November 15, 2014
2014 Application for Organic Certification Cost Reimbursement/Agents pdf file
2014 Application for Organic Certification Cost Reimbursement/CDA pdf file
Instructions for Application Organic Certification Cost Reimbursement pdf file
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number Verification/W-9 Form pdf file  

Organic Certification Brochure pdf file
Organic Certification Small Programs Brochure pdf file

Certified Operations

Certified Organic Producers pdf file
Organic Commodities Directory pdf file 

USDA Information
NOP Rule pdf file
USDA Organic Factsheet pdf file 
ATTRA Brochure pdf file
NOP Handbook

Policy Statements


OSP Requirements Policy Statement pdf file
Changes in Operation Notification Policy Statement pdf file
Record Keeping Requirements Policy Statement pdf file
Organic Control Points Policy pdf file
Role of Inspector Policy pdf file
Unannounced Inspection Policypdf file
Chlorine Policy Statement pdf file
Manure Compost Policy Statement pdf file
Seed and Planting Stock Policy Statement pdf file
Crop Rotation Policy Statementpdf file
Greenhouse Production Systempdf file

Animal Feed Policy Statement pdf file
Calculating Dry Matter Intakepdf file

Process Handlers
Package Products Label Requirements Policy Statement pdf file