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USDA - WUSATA Generic programs
WUSATA programs are developed and managed by state agricultural marketing officials. These programs organize trade show participation, inbound buyer missions, training seminars and a wide range of international events. Visit WUSATA to learn more about these programs as well as review the upcoming event calendar.

WUSATA Branded Programs
The Branded Program is a cost-share funding program that supports the promotion of brand name food and agricultural products in international markets. By providing participants with 50% cost reimbursement for eligible marketing and promotional activities, this program enables companies to effectively break into new international markets. Companies promoting products via private label and bulk sales can also be eligible (see WUSATA for details). 

Specialty Crops Block Grant Program
Funding from the SCBGP affords Colorado's specialty crops stakeholders an unprecedented opportunity to undertake new initiatives including, but not limited to:

  • mitigating food safety concerns;
  • advancing new crops, production systems, and landscaping practices;
  • investigating disease, pest, and phytosanitary issues;
  • strengthening industry organizations;
  • developing and expanding local, state-wide, regional, national, and international markets;
  • promoting fruits and vegetables as integral to a healthy and well-balanced diet;
  • conducting scientific, new product, nutrition, and/or market research; and
  • enhancing transportation and distribution systems.

USDA Rural Development
The Rural Business-Cooperative Service (RBS) awards grants under the Rural Business Enterprise Grants Program (RBEG) to public entities, private non-profit corporations, and federally recognized Indian Tribal groups. The purpose of these grants is to facilitate development of small and emerging private business enterprises located in areas outside the boundary of a city or unincorporated areas of 50,000 or more and the immediately adjacent urbanized or urbanizing area. The public entities, private non-profit corporations and federally recognized Indian tribes can receive the grant to assist a business.Please note: Grant funds do not go directly to the business. 

The Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program (FSMIP) provides matching funds to departments of agriculture and other state agencies for the purpose of conducting studies or developing innovative approaches related to marketing agricultural products. Details, application deadlines and links to past years awards can be found at:http://www.ams.usda.gov/tmd/fsmip.htm 

Beginning Farmer Program
Colorado Agricultural Development Authority (CADA) is a mechanism by which new farmers can obtain funding for land and equipment at an interest rate lower than the commercial rate. Click here for full details on qualifications, guidelines and an application. 

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