Labeling Requirements


General Labeling Requirements
Packages must be labeled with:

  1. A statement of identity - a definite, plain description that positively identifies what the commodity is. SeeSection 2.1 (a) and Sections 3.1-3.3 of the Packaging and Labeling regulations .
  2. The net quantity of the contents in terms of weight, measure or count. To see what method of sale to use, refer to Commodities - method of sale.
  3. The name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer or distributor. If the street address of the business is shown in a current directory, the city, state and ZIP code are sufficient. SeeSection 35-14-118 of the ,Section 2.1 (c) and Section 3.4 of the Packaging and Labeling Regulations.MSA


Specific requirements for the labeling of packaged commodities are in the Sections 35-14-118 to 120 of the MSA and in the Packaging and Labeling Regulations.


Additional labeling requirements

  • Inch pound and metric systems.
    Either one or both of these systems must be used for all commercial purposes in Colorado See
    Section 35-14-103 of the MSA.
  • English required.
    Unless an interpreter is available at the place of sale, English must be used for all required labeling. See Section 9.1 of the Packaging and Labeling Regulations.
  • Location and prominence.
    Required label information must be definite, plain and conspicuous. The net quantity statement generally must be located in the bottom 30% of the principal display panel. SeeSections 9.1 and 9.2 of the Packaging and Labeling Regulations. 
  • No qualifying terms allowed in quantity statement.
    "One pound minimum," "eight ounces before baking" and "one jumbo gallon" are not allowed. See Section 7 of the Packaging and Labeling Regulations.
  • "Net Weight" or "Net Wt."
    Net weight declarations must include "Net Weight" or "Net Wt" before or after the declaration of net weight. See Section 5.5 of the Packaging and Labeling Regulations.
  • Combination declarations.
    Example: both weight and count may be required on the labeling of some commodities, if both are necessary to be fully informative. See Section 5.7 (a) of the Packaging and Labeling Regulations.