Request-A-Bug Fees

Certain biological pest control agents are seasonally available from the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture to help suppress weed and insect pests in the State. They can be requested by private landowners in the State, or other governmental agencies concerned with controlling the spread of exotic invaders. Supplies can be limited and vary from one year to the next; thus, the Department cannot guarantee a release for each request submitted.

Please Do Not Send Payment Now (with your request). We will contact you to arrange for payment and shipping arrangements in season. View the Biocontrol Price List pdf file  (or table below) for current fee structure, approved by the Colorado Agricultural Commission.

For private land and home owners
Fee Description
$0.00 Leafy Spurge
$30.00 Canada Thistle
$30.00 Dalmatian Toadflax
$30.00 Diffuse Knapweed
$30.00 Musk Thistle
$30.00 Puncturevine
$30.00 Spotted Knapweed
$35.00 Field Bindweed mites

For Government and Institutional Customers
Fee Description
call for price Tamarask Leaf Beetle
$0.00 Peach Wasp ("mac")
$100.00 bindweed mites; 1 cooler (approximately 10 releases). If you are interested in establishing a site for future collection, please contact us before ordering.
 See PDF Subscription Service pdf file for multiple species releases

The Insectary can only accept a check as payment (no cash or credit cards) and checks must be received before shipping arrangements can be made. Please make checks out to the Colorado Department of Agriculture and include your address and the best number to reach you at during the day. We will contact you for payments & shipping/delivery arrangements when we have bio-controls available and are ready to ship. Please do not send payment now.

Our address is:
CDA - Insectary
750 37 8/10 Rd.
Palisade, CO 81526

Alternative sources for biological control agents could possibly include your county's Colorado State University Co-Op Extension as well as other agencies such as municipalities, weed control districts and conservation districts should they choose to distribute bindweed mites. Please be aware that each agency has their own procedures and fees that are associated with biocontrol distribution.

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Feel free to call us toll free at 866-324-2963 to place your order or if you have any questions.

(If you are outside the boundaries of the State of Colorado, please contact Dan Bean.)