Biological pest control affords the opportunity to decrease agriculture's reliance on chemical pest control. The Insectary involves the following processes when it comes to new beneficial organisms for control of specific plant and insect pests:
  • importing
  • rearing
  • establishing
  • colonizing

The results of successful biological pest control are:

  • reduced production costs
  • decreased amounts of chemicals entering the environment
  • established colonies of beneficial insects offering a natural permanent pest control solution
State of Colorado ImageState of Colorado ImageState of Colorado ImageState of Colorado ImageState of Colorado ImageState of Colorado Image
Hylobius transversovittatus
Calophasia lunula

This program offers the citizens of Colorado a useful alternative to the use of chemicals for control of specific pests. To request biological pest control, please contact our office or fill out the Request-a-bug form.

Dan Bean
Insectary Manager

Weed & Insect Programs

Bull thistle
Bull thistleUrophora stylata © Peter Harris
Canada thistle
Canada thistleState of Colorado Image
Dalmation/Yellow toadflax
Dalmatian toadflaxCalophasia lunula
Diffuse / Spotted knapweed
Spotted knapweedCyphocleonus achates
Field bindweed
Field bindweedTyta luctuosa
Leafy spurge
Leafy spurgeOberea erythrocephala
Musk thistle
Musk thistleTrichosirocalus horridus © Eric Coombs @ OR Dept of Ag
Puncturevine © Eric Coombs @ OR Dept of AgMicrolarinus
Purple loosestrife
Purple loosestrifeHylobius transversovittatus
Tall larkspur
tall larkspur © William Ciesla