2012 Program

These funds are used for natural resource conservation on private lands and in these difficult economic times can boost local efforts to address priority issues. Since each dollar from the state reaps at least an equal amount or more in matching funds, this is a great investment for the citizens of Colorado to protect our natural resources. In previous years a ratio of up to 3:1 of matching funds to state funds was realized.

In 2012 twenty-nine projects were originally funded receiving $518,340.

District County/Region 2012 Matching Grant Project Funded
Agate Elbert Reduce soil erosion, improve range management and control
noxious weeds.


Bent Replace grazing infrastructures destroyed by wildfire
Branson Trinchera Las Animas Improve grazing management with fencing and water facilities
Burlington Kit Carson Incentives for windbreaks, range practices, riparian revegetation
Burlington Kit Carson Soil health workshop for landowners
Center Saguache Incentives and Workshop for grazing and soil erosion projects
Debeque Plateau Valley Garfield/Mesa Incentives for irrigation water control structures to improve water
quality, quantity, and to prevent soil erosion
Dolores Montezuma Update "Rural Living In Southwest Colorado" publication
Double El Kiowa/El Paso Incentives to prevent soil erosion, reduce noxious weeds, and
provide necessary dam maintenance 
Douglas Creek Rio Blanco/Garfield Training landowners to implement range monitoring techniques
Eagle County Eagle Reduce noxious weeds in Eagle county
East Adams Adams Incentives for range management, soil erosion, and water projects
Gunnison Gunnison/Saguache/Hinsdale Scentless chamomile (noxious weed) control in East River watershed
Kiowa Elbert/El Paso Incentives for weed control soil erosion, and wildlife habitat
Mancos Montezuma School To Farm education program
Morgan Morgan Perimeter fencing of CRP land
Northeast Prowers Prowers Incentives for rangeland health and productivity, animal
conditioning and husbandry
Olney-Boone Crowley/Pueblo Incentives to prevent soil erosion on CRP land
Prowers Prowers/Bent Installation of sand traps in irrigation canal system
Prowers Prowers/Bent Irrigation pond seepage study
Rio Grande Assn. of CDs Rio Grande San Luis Valley conservation education program
San Juan Archuleta/Mineral/Hinsdale Workshop and incentives for forestry, grassland, and water projects
South Side Garfield/Mesa Tamarisk control (noxious weed) on Mamm Creek
Spanish Peaks - Purgatoire River Las Animas Incentives for water and fencing projects for grazing management
Turkey Creek Pueblo/El Paso Landowner cost-share for noxious weed treatment in Pueblo county
West Greeley Weld Development of water resources curriculum for schools
White River Rio Blanco Incentives for purchase of livestock watering tire tanks
Yuma Yuma Incentives for installation of advanced irrigation control panels
Yuma County Yuma Incentives for soil erosion prevention, water and grazing projects