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Treasurer's Office Celebrates Another 2014 Legislative Success

June 5, 2014

Treasurer’s Office Celebrates Another 2014 Legislative Success
DENVER – Treasurer Walker Stapleton applauded the signing of House Bill 1391, which will allow the state treasurer and the University of Colorado to make payments with checks instead of warrants.
“This is common sense housekeeping legislation that updated statute to be in line with standard banking industry practices,” Stapleton said.
Stapleton also enjoyed the following accomplishments during the 2014 session:
  • House Bill 1292 – the Treasurer supported HB 1292, the Student Success Act, which will invest in buying down the “negative factor” and provide funding for literacy programs and $110 million for capital construction for charter schools.
  • House Bill 1286 – Stapleton testified in favor of HB 1286, which will allow gifts received by current and past governors to go on display at the Colorado History Museum.  The bill passed with unanimous support in the House and Senate. 
  • House Bill 1377 – Stapleton strongly opposed HB 1377, which would have created a task force to study the state of Coloradans retirement savings and made recommendations for the creation of a state run retirement plan.  After Stapleton successfully stirred up enough public opposition to the bill, Democrats killed it in the Senate.