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List of State Funds


The Treasury Department is responsible for investing most of the state's cash and managing the related investments. Currently the Department manages more than $6.5 billion in more than 750 funds. For efficiency and in order to increase investment yield, most of the monies from General Fund, state agencies, and political subdivisions of the state are pooled for investment purposes. Some funds are managed separately under distinct investment policies. 

Investment Portfolios 

Treasury Cash/Pool

The Treasury Cash Fund, and its sister fund, Treasury Pool, provide state agencies with the cash-flow liquidity they need to meet near-term financial obligations.


Public School Permanent Fund

The Public School Permanent Fund was created at statehood. It receives money from the School Land Trust and is dedicated to the support of K-12 education.


Major Medical Insurance Fund

The MMIF and Subsequent Injury Fund are special funds within the Division of Worker's Compensation of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. The investment portfolio is comprised of money held in excess of current needs, which is held to meet the future medical and indemnity expenses of claimants.


Unclaimed Property Tourism Promotion Trust Fund

The UPTPTF invests the proceeds from the sale of securities held by the state Unclaimed Property program. The investment income from the fund is transferred to the state tourism board to promote Colorado tourism.