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Attainable Housing

In 1999 the Town of Winter Park approved the collection of a $3 fee per square foot on all new construction within the Town’s boundaries in anticipation of a lack of affordable housing due to increased housing and land costs in Winter Park. The Town utilized the funds collected to develop a 10 unit single family attainable housing project called Hideaway Junction (located on the corner of Lions Gate Drive and Kings Crossing Road).

This project is currently sold out but units do become available occasionally. There are a number of requirements that need to be met to qualify for a unit:


  • A home in Hideaway Junction must be the primary residence for the owner

  • An owner cannot own other developed residential property (undeveloped/vacant property is allowed)

  • The owner must work a minimum of 32 hours per week or 1,200 hours per year at a job in Grand County

  • A single person is eligible for a 2 bedroom unit only; married couples or single parents with dependent children are eligible for any unit type with priority for the 3-bedroom or larger units.

Hideaway Junction


The average price for a 2-bedroom unit is in the low $200's, and a 3-bedroom unit are in the mid-$200's. Each home is deed restricted with an annual appreciation cap of 2% per year for the first three years, then 1% per year thereafter.

The Town of Winter Park is not providing any financing options for this project. All financing must be acquired from another source that could include the Grand County Housing Authority (i.e. down payment assistance) and/or any lending institution or mortgage broker.

To be entered into consideration for when units become available, please fill out the attached application form and submit it to Town Planner James Shockey.

Attainable Housing Application


Town Planner James Shockey


(970) 726-8081 ext. 206