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Liquor License

Liquor Licensing Requirements


Colorado liquor and beer retail licenses are issued by "dual" licensing authorities. This means that the local licensing authority must first approve all retail licenses before forwarding the application to the State Liquor Enforcement Division. As licenses can take several months to acquire, you will want to communicate with the local licensing authority far in advance of your opening date. Failure to file applications in a timely manner will result in a delay.


The Town Clerk is the local licensing authority for the Town of Winter Park and can answer questions concerning the application process.


The Department of Revenue's website provides the necessary forms for liquor licensing in the State of Colorado. These forms need to be completed and submitted with the appropriate fees to the Town Clerk.


Informational Packets


In an effort to make applying for a Liquor License with the Town of Winter Park and State of Colorado as easy as possible, the Town Clerk is happy to provide the following informational packets (please be patient as they may take a moment to load):



If you require further assistance, please contact the Town Clerk.

State Forms and Applications


Colorado Liquor License Retail Application - Form DR 8404

Colorado 3.2% Beer License Application - Form DR 8403

Attachment to License Application -Form DR 8401

Bed and Breakfast Permit Application - Form DR 8447

Individual History Record - Form DR 8404-I

Permit Application and Report of Changes - Form DR 8442

Report of Changes/Modification of Premises - Form DR 8177


Licensed Establishments in Winter Park


There are currently 46 licensed establishments in Winter Park. You may access a current list of licensed establishments.