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Please click on the Index Bar on the left for more information, or on the following blue links.


View information about the Building Department of the Town of Winter Park, find permit applications, building forms and other information about building in Winter Park, Fraser and Granby.

View information about the Engineering Department of the Town of Winter Park and the responsibilities it has towards the Community.


View information about the Finance Department, including monthly sales tax reports, tax information and budgets. 



View information about our Forestry Department, including our slash removal program.



Learn about our town gardeners and the beautiful flowers that grow in Winter Park.


Grand County Water and Sanitation District #1

View information about the Grand County Water and Sanitation District #1, which services Beaver Village at the South boundry, through downtown Winter Park, to Fraser at the North boundry.



There are three parks in Winter Park, which are for public use on a first-come/first-served basis. View information on each park.



The Fraser/Winter Park Police Department provides law enforment to the towns of Fraser and Winter Park.


Planning & Zoning

The Planning Department provides professional support to the Town of Winter Park, overseeing current and future land use activities.


Public Works

Find out information about plowing schedules, upkeep on parks and gardens, slash removal and other programs.


Town Clerk

View information about liquor licensing, business licensing, special events and elections.


Town Manager

View information about the Town Manager.


Winter Park Water and Sanitation District

View information about the Winter Park Water & Sanitation District, which services "Old Town", Winter Park Resort, Lakota, Bridger's Cache, Base Camp, Trademark, Winter Park Mountain Lodge, Iron Horse Resort, and the Vintage Hotel.