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Town-Maintained Parks & Parking Lots

Map of Town-Maintained Parks


BOND PARK - Consisting of 46,000 square feet, the open space centerpiece of town provides picnic tables and benches, fire pit and drinking fountain. This area serves as a main area for festivals and concerts.


CHILDREN'S PARK - 2,500 square feet, featuring open space adjacent to the LaCasa shopping complex and a municipal parking lot. Located on the west end of the Riverwalk, the park offers a playground, restrooms, a drinking fountain, river frontage, picnic tables and benches.


PEACOCK AND TREGENT PARKS - Located at the west end of Elkhorn Avenue, the open space areas include picnic tables, a drinking fountain, benches, restrooms, trees, flowers, cowboy sculpture and adjacent parking.


RIVERSIDE/BALDWIN PARK - Encompassing 60,000 square feet, this park is located off of West Riverside Drive. Open space includes river frontage, picnic tables and benches, trees, flowers and turf areas. Other amenities include the Riverwalk, fishing bridge and parking.


VISITOR CENTER PARK - Located off Highway 34, the open space includes restrooms, drinking fountain, picnic facilities, trees, flowers, turf areas, parking access to the Lake Estes Trail, access to fishing areas, river frontage.


RIVERSIDE PLAZA - A focal point of the Riverwalk behind the businesses on East Elkhorn Avenue, the park features an amphitheater, benches, drinking fountain, water features, three sculptures (eagle, beaver family, mountain lion), adjacent parking, river frontage.


THE RIVERWALK - This one-quarter mile path winds along Fall River and the Big Thompson River. The walkway is highlighted by trees, flower plantings, turf areas, business access, benches and a plaza area located at Barlow Plaza.


STREETSCAPE - This beautification project aligning Elkhorn and Moraine avenues includes benches, planting beds and trees (15,000 flowers and 80 trees).


HIGHWAY 34 & 36 ISLAND: Fondly referred to by locals as "Sheep Island," this intersection features trees, turf, 9,000 flowers and a magnificent bighorn sheep sculpture. No facilities or parking.


AMERICAN LEGION ISLANDS - Located at the intersection of Highways 7 & 36, the area is highlighted by flowers, trees, surf, walkways and the Samson sculpture. No facilities or parking.


PERFORMANCE PARK - An outdoor amphitheater located on West Elkhorn Avenue, tucked back against the mountains, between the Silver Moon Motor Lodge and the Big Horn Restaurant. Parking is adjacent to the theater, which has a full stage as well as lighting and sound equipment. The beautifully landscaped facility opened in June 2003.


OLD LUMBERYARD PARKING LOT - This lot is located west of Tregent Park on Elkhorn Avenue. The landscaping includes trees, flowers and shrubs. No facilities.


MUNICIPAL BUILDING/PUBLIC LIBRARY PARKING LOT - Located adjacent to public facilities on East Elkhorn Avenue, the landscaping features include trees, flowers, turf areas, benches, drinking fountains, restrooms and the "Green Apple" sculpture by Herb Mignery. Picnic tables are located at the back of the parking lot along Black Canyon Creek.


MORAINE AVENUE PARKING LOT - The landscaping includes restrooms, picnic tables, benches, patio, trees and flowers.


DAVIS HILL PARKING LOT - Located just off of Moraine Avenue, the landscaping features trees, flowers and shrubs with a decorative rock wall back-drop.


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