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Compliance Review

Some of the major disciplines that the Engineering Division reviews for compliance include:


OVERLAY - Streets that require repaving are resurfaced with 1.5" of hot asphalt. The repaving project is usually done in September & October.


SLURRY & CHIP SEALS - Surface rehabilitation of streets that are structurally sound, but need improved skid resistance to extend their life. May - June.


CRACK FILLING - This is usually done by in-house crews to prevent the infiltration of water that accelerates erosion and potholes. Spring and fall.


PARKING - Construction of new and modification of existing lots to provide the Town with the highest possible density of vehicles in a safe and well flowing manner.


SIGNS - Placement of all street signs, including regulatory, warnings and street names. The latter are manufactured in-house. All others are placed in accordance with the MUTCD.


DRAINAGE - Public Works maintains all roadside drainageways and reviews all new construction of it for compliance.


BRIDGES - The Town maintains and reviews the engineering and maintenance of six downtown bridges and seven local street bridges. Structural integrity of all bridges is inspected every other year by a specialized consultant and reports are generated. Several state highway bridges are inspected and controlled by CDOT. There are also approximately 11 private bridges on the Fall River that also carry private responsibility by the individual owners.


GRANT ACQUISITION - Public Works has been extremely successful in acquiring state support for the construction of the Lake Estes Pedestrian Trail System and the rehabilitation of three downtown bridges. The TEP is proactive in its use of all available funding to achieve a higher standard of living for the community and visitors.


TRAILS - Public Works has actively pursued the desires of the local community to develop a trail network throughout the Estes Valley. Public Works has sought out and fulfilled funds and project design and management for the construction of all the trails in EP.


Questions?  Contact us at 970-577-3587 or jimber@estes.org.