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Road & Traffic Responsibilities

CDOT Liason & Highway Traffic Management

The Public Works Department acts as a local liaison between the citizens of Estes Park and the Colorado Department of Transportation. Since CDOT only has engineering offices in Boulder and Greeley, it is often very important for the local Public Works engineer to review the issues at hand and relay them, often with suggestion, to CDOT. The Colorado Department of Transportation is divided into several divisions that all work in different capacities, including signals, signs, striping, design and maintenance. The Town engineers work closely with all these divisions to achieve the desired results and acquire what is best and most safe for our community.


Pavement Management

Public Works now manages the street network of Estes Park with a computer-based program called MicroPaver™. This windows-based program is a powerful tool in managing our pavements. Roads must be managed, not just maintained. A pavement management system (PMS) is defined as a set of tools for performing condition surveys and condition prediction, and developing work plans with the objective of optimizing spending. A PMS uses engineering technology to determine when, where, and how to best maintain roadways. It provides the needed leverage to preserve the infrastructure investment. MicroPaver™ assists the Engineering Division to organize, plan and budget for pavement maintenance. It offers prediction modeling and analysis for long term future control of all aspects of pavement management.


2015 road conditions projections at current funding levels.


Estes Park Roadway Improvements Projects - as presented to the Town Board on June 26, 2012, based on current conditions at that time.


Roadway Management

Public Works oversees many facets of construction & maintenance to the roadway systems in Estes Park. The Town of Estes Park's Public Work's Department references several guides as adopted by the Town Trustees.


  • MUTCD - Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • CRS - Colorado Revised Statues
  • 1999 Colorado Highway Specifications and M Standards (CDOT)
  • Right-of-Way Permit Application and Construction


Traffic Counts

The Public Works Department maintains a database of annual traffic volume per street. Not all streets are counted every year. Most main arterials are counted each summer. State Highways 34 & 36 are counted electronically on a daily basis. Public Works receives a computer printout monthly from the Colorado Department of Transportation.


Questions?  Contact us at 970-577-3587 or jimber@estes.org.