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Comprehensive Planning

Estes Valley Comprehensive Plan

The Estes Valley Comprehensive Plan (21 MB pdf) articulates a common vision for the future; it informs citizens, landowners and developers of the goals, guidelines an desired future land use character within the Valley; and it provides a means for communication and cooperation between the Town and Larimer County, as well as federal state, and other governmental agencies. The plan informs decision-making today.


Recent Update

In the November, 2012, the Estes Valley Planning Commission and Town Board recognized the need to modernize the almost 20 year old comprehensive plan. Modernization involves reviewing and updating facts, removing obsolete references, and removing information that is no longer relevant. Policies will not change. At the end of the modernization, the community will benefit from an up to date, accessible comprehensive plan. Follow the progress through the timeline of modernization below.




The Comprehensive Plan was jointly adopted in 1996 by the Town of Estes Park and Larimer County after extensive community outreach and input. The plan establishes land use, community design, growth management, mobility and circulation, housing, scenic and environmental quality, economic, intergovernmental coordination policies for the Estes Valley. The plan also establishes development guidelines for seven distinct planning areas.


Following adoption of the Comprehensive Plan, the Town and County jointly created the Estes Valley Development Code to implement the Comprehensive Plan, soliciting extensive public input.


Progress Report – Timeline of Modernization

Drafts of the modernized plan and staff reports to the Estes Valley Planning Commission, Town Board of Trustees, and Larimer County Board of Commissioners are being presented on an ongoing basis.


Timeline of Actions:
Month Update
October, 2012
November, 2012
March, 2013
June, 2013
Draft of Neighborhood Plans
March, 2014
Chapter 7 Action Plan (Staff and Planning Commission updated in 2011/2012; update to be reformatted)
Chapter 4 Land Use 

Chapter 8 Neighborhood Plans #1
               Neighborhood Plans #2
April, 2014
Chapter 5: Mobility and Circulation Revisions
Fine Tuning of Above Chapters
May, 2014
Chapter 3 Economic Overview (rough draft) and Appendix 1: Economic Profile (rough Draft)
Chapter 1 The Planning Process (rough draft)
Fine tuning of above chapters
June, 2014
Chapter 2 Planning the Valley's Future (rough draft)
Appendix 2 Resource Information
July, 2014
Draft of Entire Modernized Plan
Aug, 2014
Plan adopted by Estes Valley Planning Commission and certified by Estes Park Town Board of Trustees and Larimer County Board of County Commissioners.


































Questions?  Contact us at 970-577-3721 or planning@estes.org