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Citizen Survey

the Town of Estes Park conducted a citizen survey in 2014 using the National Citizen Survey (NCS) model. The NCS provides a statistically valid survey of resident opinions about the community and the services provided by local government. The NCS provides the Town with a customized, yet uniform, survey tool used by more than 500 local jurisdictions across the country, which allows benchmarking with the results from those jurisdictions. The Town previously conducted this survey in 2011, which allows comparisons to past results.


The results can be used by Town officials, other agencies and community stakeholders for community planning and resource allocation, program improvement, policy-making and tracking changes in residents’ opinions about government performance. The Town Board of Trustees considers these survey results as it develops its annual Strategic Plan.



2014 Citizen Survey Results -- Scientific:


2014 Web Survey Results -- Non-Scientific:




Questions?  Contact the Public Information Office at 970-577-3701 or email krusch@estes.org.